Individual Project Prep

In the weeks leading up to the hand in of our final projects I took some classes to better understand how best to present the project I was completing. I was unsure of how best to present my project and so met with the course leader, Jim, to discuss my ideas. I wanted to focus my project around the notion of story telling and so set myself the challenge to rejuvenate historic stories and make them relevant to younger audiences. In doing so I had began developing the idea to take a family artefact of mine, my great grandfathers world war two diary, and digitalise its content.

Through attending the workshops I was able to explore a number of avenues in which I could do so. These ideas included creating a week long blog that would relay the diary entries from my grandfathers book and accompanying this would be information surrounding the great escape that he was a part of during his time as a prisoner of war.

Another idea presented to me through these workshops was creating an audio slideshow. I was able to personally develop my knowledge of premier pro as this was the software that I found most suited to the task. I also used audition however as a Radio Production student this was something I already had a substantial knowledge on.

In the week following I began to asses my options. With the sheer level of content from within the diary I decided it was best to not attempt a week long blog at such short notice as it was a task that would demand a vast amount of content. Instead I opted to continue developing an audio slideshow. Once this decision was made I began to conduct research into other similar slideshows that had already been created from larger corporations such as the BBC. This is one slideshow that I found most inspiring.


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