Mobile News and the World of Citizen Journalism

Following on from one of my previous posts about how our mobile phones are now being developed to become a method of completed transactions in stores it is evident that these devices are far from the simple means of communicating for what they were previously designed for. Apple have revolutionised the purpose of our mobiles to mean not only a phone but a device with multiple possibilities for use. Due to the portable nature of these devices mobiles are perhaps the most on demand way to retain news stories and breaking information about world affairs. Through the development of social media apps and the citizen journalism we witness today through various blog sites there is a much larger increase in circulation of user created content for news platforms. There are many concerns around this form of news coverage, primarily being the stories validity but it is perhaps best to first consider the benefits this form of news can bring.

As discussed our mobile devices are not merely limited to communicating with one another and so one of the greatest advancements that our devices have seen over the years is the increase in quality of our cameras. Mobile news is able to capture footage from live scenes of disaster, protest, concerts etc and broadcast it to a global audience, all from the phone of one user. This form of reporting is so incredibly insightfully raw as it provides a first hand perspective and real time account of the events unfolding in a particular scene. Considering the digital age which society operates in we as consumers have become increasingly inpatient and long to receive coverage of stories at the earliest opportunity. This notion of mobile news allows readers/viewers breaking coverage earlier than most corporations are even made aware of the events.

Through studying this module I feel this concept of immediacy is something that is paramount to creating a successful new media technology.


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