Data Journalism

Data journalism is the visualisation of different sources to help journalists tell their story through engaging info graphics. What differentiates data journalism from traditional journalism is its ability to condense the vast amounts of data that society today has in a compelling way.

Journalists can tap in to a number of sources to gather their figures for data journalism. As we live in the digital age and many of us use the internet on a daily basis we are constantly inputing data into a wide range of databases such as social media. There are a number of other non digital sources for gathering and combining data include local governments, police and other civic sources.

Data can be viewed as the source of data journalism, but others see it as more of a tool used by data journalists.

The Guardian – London Fashion Week – Where All The International Attendees Come From

This article explores the international influence London Fashion Week has over a global audience. With thousands of guests set to visit the UK’s capital the Guardian look to question the perception that the British fashion industry will portray to the rest of the world.

Through visual data the journalist who has composed this article has used scaled circle graphs to represent the number of guests from foreign countries and continents.


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