Live Blogging

Examples of live blogs produced by UK media outlets:

LSE – Scottish Independence Referendum During the voting period of the Scottish independence referendum London School of Economics posted from a live blog sharing information on voting statistics and results. The blog included a minute by minute account from a number of other sources including tweets posted from voters and politicians in Scotland, and also posts that other major UK broadcasters were sending.

The Guardian – Museum Week In March 2014, through live blogging, The Guardian launched the UK’s first museum week. More than 300 museums across the country came together on twitter covering posts under the hashtags #MuseumMemories, #BehindTheArt and #AskTheCurator. The blog proved to be a huge success sharing a wide variety of online content, such as videos, images, statistics and information on how and when to visit the museums.

GQ – London Collections: Men A/W 2015 GQ provided a live blog to give its readers an inside look as to what was being displayed on the runways. The blog was a daily account across brands such as Burberry, Tom Ford and Topman. Sourcing primarily from Instagram, images and videos are shared through the blog to visualise the show for the readers. It would seem from the blogs that I have looked at that there is an infinite number of topics/stories that live blogs can cover. The format of live blogging is best used when a story is “live” and so the content is ever changing/developing. Arguably the more popular forms of live blogging are those that follow key stories such as political elections or riots and protest, however this may vary in different reader interests. Another area that proves most successful through live blogging is sports journalism. If unable to attend the readers are able to follow a minute by minute account of what is happening in the game or match to quickly determine the results. A key skills that is necessary for a successful live blog is maintaining the attention and interest of the reader. With evolving stories it is important as a journalist that you are able to provide the latest up to date content.

From the blogs that I have seen today it would seem that social media is also a paramount element of a live blog. Journalist should try to include relevant posts, images and videos that coincide with their story to support their own content and provide a visual for the reader.


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