Exploring New Online Media + Technology

Like with fashions, music and culture technology has a number of emerging sources that retain content of the latest advances in the digital age. The vast majority of us may simply wait to hear about such developments in the technological world on the likes of social media, however more and more of us are now looking to find outlets that can keep us at the forefront of the industry and innovative designs.




Wired is one website that provides its readers with articles ranging across science, future technology and culture. Its approach to these subjects is one that can be easily identifiable with mass audiences and so appeals to a wider consumer market. This is something that we see becoming increasingly popular amongst technology news outlets as there is in turn increasing numbers of people interested in the field, and also as it becomes more paramount to our daily lives. The site is easy to consume with witty articles presented in a sharp and to the point manner, accompanied with photos.

When conducting my research into these types of new media outlets I found wired to be the most beneficial to younger audiences, however here are a list of other sources I also found beneficial and may look to tap into in the future of this project.










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